Now - Fun & EZ to Learn ARABIC in ENGLISH - at Home!
And all the time using the knowledge of what you already know IN ENGLISH!

This amazing teaching method was originally developed by Sheik Yusuf Estes over 20 years ago, while he was still a Christian minister teaching music. Now he has redesigned this entire learning system, using videos, PowerPoint presentations and even online volunteers to help make learning Arabic fun and easy.

"The best part of the whole program," say those who have used it, "is that I use core knowledge I already have to help me learn Arabic in a fun way and it stays in my memory long after the course."

Read this comment sent in just a few months after we started this offer online:

"This teaching method sinks in so much more than books full of text which seem to just repeat each other. Inchallah i'll learn alot quicker than before and impress my inlaws LOL! Thank you"

And the Best Part is - YOU DECIDE THE PRICE (more about this later).

What You Get . . .

* FIVE (5) FULL SESSIONS - with Sheik Yusuf Estes & his special way to learn Arabic at home using basic English you already know. And it's Easy to Learn - & Fun Too!

* PLUS 20 POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS (included) - Yes, 20 special PowerPoints developed by our teachers so you learn more, faster & easier. Use these exersizes & simple ways to increase your speaking, writing and reading of Arabic. You begin to quickly understand the beauty and richness of Arabic in less time than ever before.

* MORE: STUDY CIRCLE Online Chatroom Help - Make sure you say it right - Practice online with others - improve your Arabic & enjoy new friends at the same time.

* FREE GAMES - Yes, We Made Arabic Fun to Learn For Everyone - 4 Special Games to Hear and Answer Questions.

* BONUS - QURAN ARABIC (10 PowerPoint Classes) - Learn to quickly read, write and understand the classical Arabic of the Quran.

OK! Here it is - "The Offer You Can't Refuse":

* All Five Segments - "Arabic In English"
* 20 Power Point Classes- (backups online)
* Study Circle - Online
* FREE GAMES - (EZ learning & fun too)
* BONUS: "Understand Quran" (10 Classes)

Never Offered Before & the Best Part? - YOU NAME THE PRICE

Too Good to Be True? - It is True! - That's right! Sheik Yusuf Estes asked us to make the whole program for everyone interested in Arabic language, wherever they live, whoever they are - no matter how much money they have.

Just type in the amount you want to give to help us keep this wonderful project going - we'll do the rest. We ask you to please consider cost of shipping, handling & materials. Suggested ($49) is very small compared to more difficult programs without live teachers online.

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